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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Good News

Monday was different
It was dive 20
I didn't know what was going to happen after today.
I got a huge hug from Maria and a lot of well wishes
Though Dr. King didn't share my enthusiasm about being close to done.
Shane had his 50mile race but he turned his ankle at mile 32:(
I wanted to hear more about it but he was kicked out of the sub so we could get started.
Wanda was missing but Dave was back.
Matt snagged my hair again in the helmet.
We finished watching Hope Springs- that was cute-and awkward 
*spoiler alert*
Meryl Streep tries to give Tommy Lee Jones a BJ in a movie theater
anyway second movie was Due Date
I love Robert Downey Jr.
And that guy from the Hangover-wolfpack of one guy, I don't care who you are, if you don't think he is funny you have no sense of humor.
I felt a big sneeze coming on and that is not something you want to do in that apparatus!
I managed to stave it off but my nose burned like a MoFo.
I headed over to Emory after the dive to finally get some news.
Mom could not make it this time.
One of the unfamiliar faces came in to check on me.
He did see me once before. He stuck a swap in my hole and cleaned out some of the loose bone. I was bleeding...which is awesome. it means it's alive not dead
I no longer see or feel exposed bone in my mouth.
Now Dr. Roser and Dr. Funny came in. they checked me out and were both ecstatic about what they saw.
I was told 10 more dives and I should be done.
no surgery! Just one follow up appointment when I am done.
I celebrated by stopping by the Camera Doctor on my way back to work to pick up some infrared 120 film.
Luck must be on my side today because I forgot they are closed on Monday. When I pulled up, the owner was unlocking the door, I walked in behind him, he was startled and told me they were closed. I apologized. he asked what I wanted and he sold it to me anyway.
Took a minute because he had to turn everything on. That was super cool. Some people say he is a jerk but every time I have every came into his shop he has been nothing but great, helpful and we usually talk for a while.
I then walked over to Wuxtry Records. I was so tempted to buy an old Jazz LP but I really need to get a turntable first lol. It's been on the wish list for a while. I am just not spending a ton of money on one...damn hipsters 
When I came back to HYOX today the first thing out of Shane's mouth was "when is your surgery"? and I said no surgery and we high fived.
Dr. King asked what all he said and did and I told him. he still thinks I will need at least 20 more dives due to my history.
Maria is not here today. She had her surgery
I haven't stopped thinking about her all day. She is losing all of her teeth due to the cancer.
Wanda is back. She missed yesterday because her son and grandchild were moving to Boston.
She was very sad. Sucks too because you can't fly during treatments or after for a little while, something to do with the pressure.
We finished Due Date. yep it was funny. Now we are watching zero dark 30. I saw the other Bin Laden movie on Netflix and it was excellent...this one seems way too Hollywood but it's interesting enough.
Anything 9/11 strikes a cord. The beginning of this movie almost threw me into a complete tailspin. Not cool when you can't get away (I left my book)
After the dive I was told  it was my 2 week check up so I had to go get my eyes checked again. My vision has changed dramatically. Oxygen effects the eyes because the are absorbing it directly. I pretty much can't see at all without my glasses now, but it is only temporary.
I have lost 2.4 lbs since I started the treatments.
Dr. King said he wishes he had 100 patients like me. he still doesn't believe I am 40. Perfect BMI
Great skin. I could hear that all day long, especially from a Doctor.
The hole in the bone has healed 50%
there is no infection at all anymore
New bone and tissue is growing 
total I have healed 25% but I feel like is have healed 75%.
he said I can't quit until the tissue has grown up and over the hole.
Here is hoping it's sooner rather than later.