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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

a pictorial post

Well I got to get out of the house Monday night to see Dropkick Murphy’s at the Tabernacle. We got there and made our way to the floor. I knew this would not be a good idea. This was going to be a crazy show and being in a pit could be potentially life altering for me right now, so Shane and I went to the balcony. The first one was full so we went to the 3rd floor and got a front row seat. It is really hard to be sober at an Irish Punk Rock show that is just screams about drinking beer. Shortly after Old Man Markley took the stage I could see that I made a good decision to not be on the floor. There was a decent pit forming. By the time DM took the stage the entire floor was nothing but arms, elbows and feet in the air. It was an amazing pit. I was super jealous when they brought all the girls from the floor up on stage for the encores. That could have been me if I could have handled a punch in the face.

 The control Panel of the Chamber
 This is the inside of the Chamber, I sit in the seat closest to this view
 This is the other side. the corner where that stool is where the inappropriate guy sits.
 this is the door to the outer lock, for when they have to switch out attendants for safety reasons or if you have to come in late or leave early.
 This is the infamous latex ring. We have to put this on (with help) around our necks, then when we come up to pressure the tubes and attached and the masks are put on to this.
 you can see the tube and the humidifier here. I have ice in mine, it makes it less stuffy and me less claustrophobic.
 this is what the outside looks like
we even have a few little windows. I sit under one so I can hold my book up to it and read.

Dive 6 was a full house again. Finished watching DeJaVu and started definitely maybe, but mostly I just read. Had a twinge of pain but no big deal. Sucked on some goldfish again and my AJ. I learned that Wanda was trying to save her toes from being amputated. I did bring my camera this time and after the dive I went in a snapped a few shots to show you what it looks like, so you know what I am talking about. Stinky was stinky again. She is so nice but man, I'm glad I don't sit next to her. Inappropriate guy did not like the second movie and got all upset. He had to be talked down.

I had quite the gap between HYOX and going back to Emory to see my surgeon so I took a vacation day and picked up my mom after the dive and we went to Emory early and killed time in the Carlos Museum on campus. It was a nice, quiet afternoon with just me and mom. Something we had not had in a very long time, just us. We were amazed at the collection of artifacts on display. They have a heck of an Egyptian exhibit. Mummy’s are just crazy cool.

 This is looking through a magnifying glass at a tiny piece of garnet that was carved in the shape of a face.
 This was a paper etching from France
"death on a battlefield" 1648

 Mom and me in the elevator

We walked over to Building B, no reason to repay for parking, though I don't think I saved any money. It was nice to walk with mom through the campus and the weather was overcast but 65.
Saw another new face, Dr. Rosenthal. He got my mom all panicked by saying I'm very red and inflammed but he had not seen me before. I swear I feel like a patient on Grey's Anatomy with all these interns and residents clammering to get a peak at my jaw.
Dr. Roser and the other surgeon ( I forgot his name) came in the room next to check on me. The funny one (whats-his-name) said he was really worried last time but that I looked good. Dr. Roser said it was nice and red because of the new blood vessels forming from my treatments. It is even starting to spider over the wound. So if things progress I will be done on March 25th. That will be my 20th dive and that is when I go back to see him. I have to take the crappy Flagyl for another week but then I am off that, which means I can have a drink on St. Patty's Day! Let's hope this also means no surgery!
Since we got in and out so quickly and it was now raining, we decided to kill time and let traffic die and go to Ikea for food and shopping. I managed to choke down some horse I did not know about the whole Swedish meatball scandal but that was in Europe not here anyway.

 Dive 7

it's month end so I am busy as heck at work. Thankfully my friend Cheryl dropped off my prescriptions for me today to save me some time. It was only me, Dave and Ms. Portugal today.
They trained a new guy, a firefighter, during the second half of the dive.
Dave wanted to watch the Bourne Supremecy. MP and I didn't care so we nixed watching the end of definitely maybe and actually watched and entire movie. Well they did, I read my book.
MP is in there for thyroid cancer, and it spread to her spine. She had a fall last night and was in some pain today. She is a spicy old lady.
We chatted about how ridiculously cold it gets in there when they de-pressurize the cabin. It is literally like sitting in a freezer. They give us blankets but its not enough.
I also learned that the attendants switch our halfway because a woman is not supposed to be in there longer than 45 minutes because it does something to your ovaries. If someone has to stay the whole time it is a guy.
Today I had a fig newton. no pain. and AJ. It was nice to be in there with a small crowd today.