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Friday, March 8, 2013


Well at least the car started.
Today we celebrated Daniel's birthday at work, Marie made blueberry and banana pancakes so I went diving with a full belly.
Not a good idea.
It was Wanda, Phillip (he is Mr. Inappropriate) and Maria (Ms. Portugal) today.
The movie of the day was "The Time Travelers Wife"
I read mostly, I was in and out of the movie.
My ears had issues today. Then I got warm. maybe it was the full belly, maybe it was the long sleeve shirt I wore underneath, maybe both but toward then end of the dive I felt it. Like there was no air. Like when you are cold and under a blanket and trying to get warm but you can't quite breathe right. Then the warm spread in my chest, the flush in my face. I was starting to have a panic attack. I concentrated on my breathing and reading my book to get my mind off of it. I wanted to rip that damn helmet off but I knew I was close to the end. Mr. inappropriate had been telling me he loved me today. He also was showing me with sign language in the chamber that he loved me. I did not want to draw anymore attention to myself than I needed too.
Josh (the younger orderly) seemed like he was having a tough time clearing his ears too. When we were coming up, my left ear hurt. First time.
While I was in the dressing area (it is open to the chamber room but has curtains so you can change in private) I was finishing up getting dressed and fixing my hair and makeup, (you can't have any hair products, make up, lotion, etc on during) Shane (the head attendant) was standing between the dressing area and Phillip. I could here them and Josh talking but wasn't paying attention.When I went to leave Phillip's nurse was in front of me and Shane held the door open for them but told me to wait a minute before I left.
Apparently I got Mr. Inappropriate all worked up and he did not want me to feel any more uncomfortable than I had to, so he wanted to give me some time and space to get him out of there so he didn't try to grab me or say something to me. I thought it was sweet of him to look out for me but I felt bad for the poor kid. I told Shane I could handle it but thanks anyway.
I guess I have a brain damaged admirer.