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Friday, March 22, 2013

The gangs all here... Well almost

So I wasn't the only one who thought you, me and Dupree was stupid. We told Shane we preferred action so he said he'd switch the movie and put in something we would like. I read the first couple of chapters of On The Road by Kerouac. Then the Last 3 days with Russell Crowe came on. I was sucked in.
Maria (MP) wasn't there . I missed her but luckily the movie kept my interest pretty much the whole time. So much that I didn't even notice the door was open and I could leave, lol.
Today is dive #19. It is supposed to be Dave's last day. I wanted to take a group picture. Unfortunately Dave wasn't there but I did get one of the rest of us!

left to right then down and right

T-something...he's the new guy from Bosnia, Wanda, Maria (MP) Mary (M2) Me then below me is Phillip aka Cip Or Mr. Inappropriate then Madeline (stinky)

Now you can put a face with the name.
If Dave is there on Monday I will snap one of him and I'll try to get the staff too but that is different every day
Matt (the dweeb) is not a dweeb.  He grew on me. I never did see the hot guy again :(
So we finished the movie. It was good, I recommend it.
When it came around to snack time Matt gave me my AJ without asking and there were not any goldfish or cheezits in the snack been so he had them sent in.
There is this little hole that has its own seal that they can do a super quick pressurization in to send in things we might need, sometimes it a blood sugar kit, coke, pillow or blanket. Today Matt had them send me some Goldfish. When the came out of the hole they looked like they were freeze dried. Couldn't get them open the were vacuum packed so tight. He had scissors sent in. He made sure I got to eat my damn goldfish.
of course since it was a production I did not get to finish them.
for the first time today my hair did get caught in the helmet and get pulled out a bit. Guess I need to go back to the pony tail.
It never fails either that as soon as the helmet goes on I have to itch somewhere.
The second movie we started was Hope Springs.
Another chick flick but has Tommy Lee Jones in it so it makes it watchable.
Maria said she had seen it before and it was ok.
her itch is back with a vengeance today :(
Monday is a big day.
It's dive 20 and I go back to Emory to see Dr. Roser.
I should know the next step soon.
fingers crossed