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Thursday, March 7, 2013

And the bubble burst

I was in a pretty happy go lucky mood today.
Managed to eat some raisin bread without much pain.
Got to HYOX and it was a full house.
Ms. Portugal and I chatted while we are getting changed into our scrubs.
She has jaw issues from the cancer and skin irritations from radiation. She also has constant pain from the rod in her back. I learned that she was working for a family when she found out she had cancer. No family or husband.
The family happened to be a PA and through him she got some of the best doctors. She even had surgery done for free because she did not have insurance.
It makes me feel good to know there are still good doctors out there with a conscience helping people who would otherwise have to suffer.
She called this doctor her Angel.
I am glad she sits next to me in the chamber.
Dr. King was there to talk to me today. He wanted to know what Dr. Roser had said.
I told him and he informed me that no matter how I healed I was still going to need a debridement (to remove the dead bone). So looks like I will be having surgery after all.
True Grit was the movie of the day
I read, I was so into it that Shane actually smacked my book down to get my attention to pick my snack from the bin.
I am not a fan of most political/war novels but World War Z is pretty damn well written and with all this talk of FEMA camps on the news, it makes me wonder .... maybe not zombies but something 
Anyway, fig newton and apple juice again. no pain
Firefighter was there again, this time training with Josh for the first half of the dive. he's a dweeb.
Apparently all the old people like ...not so much.
I was told by the nurse that my skin looked really good, not that I thought it looked bad before but I guess all that oxygen does wonders for your looks.
On unrelated news...the car wash guy at work left my lights on and ran my battery down. Had to get Charlie to jump me off, then afterwork it died again and had to get Al to jump me off. Was so pissed because Kathini and Marie were in their cars ready to follow me to the park to go for a run.
So much for that idea. I thought at least if I could get home I could get a run in but as soon as I turned the car off it would not start again, so Shane messed around with it for a while then he and Ariana (who loves to work on cars) went and got and replaced my battery. More freaking money.
No run.
In my pain free day I got saucy and made beef with broccoli stir fry. I cooked the meat a little too done and there was no eating it for me. Pain...I guess it is back to veggie burgers and pasta and soup.