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Thursday, March 14, 2013

new faces, new seat

Dive #12 pretty uneventful.
They started Skyfall again, I guess they forgot we watched that one already. I read the entire time. I actually got really sucked in and time flew by. Which was nice for a change. I went in having some pain. Was worried since it was not brought on by eating this morning. Maybe I just brushed my teeth too hard.
Only weird thing today was my helmet wasn't on tight enough and popped off. that was freaky.
We watched Argo and I was very involved in this movie so time flew by.
The door to the dressing area was closed today. I think that was for my benefit.
Managed to escape Cip's clutches again today. On a happier note, through sweaty palms and high anxiety, I signed up to run my first 1/2 marathon. I figure if I sign up and it's far enough away (November) that I won't have any choice but to do it. Until this happened my goal was to run the Publix 1/2 this weekend so I am kinda bummed I haven't been training. I did run today and froze my butt off!

Lucky #13
No pain today. Good, because that crappy Flagyl should be out of my system by tomorrow and I was worried that going off that antibiotic was the cause of my pain.
Today is Pi Day (3.14)
So naturally, I bought a pie for my work family.

yes, you can see I decorated it myself :)
and it's keylime, so I can eat it too.

We have another Mary in our little submarine
She took my seat :(
I was told she had to sit there because all new people have to sit there the first time because it is across from the attendant. She was very panicky.
Maria was in the middle of us, so at least I still got to sit next to her. She didn't like me having to move seats, she said it was too dark for me to read and that they need to put me back.
I love this woman. She reminds me of my grandma. When she is done with treatments she is moving to Maryland. She was complaining about T-mobile and her new cell phone today helping distract me from the fact that now I am across from Madeline...aka stinky and in direct contact with Cip, who now I can hear the kissy sound he makes trying to blow me kisses and get my attention. Oh and he told me I was "sexy as Hell" again and kept winking at me. Yeah, I hope I don't have to sit in this spot again tomorrow.
I also don't like the angle I have to be in to see the TV. We watched lawless today. Forest aka Tom Hardy is a hottie.
Now I am not first out of the chamber anymore. Maria told me to go to the other dressing area, she would use the bathroom, she knows I have to go back to work and I am in a hurry. The new girl throws a wrench in our groove and I can tell Maria doesn't like it. LOL. 
I did talk to the new lady while I was getting dressed. She said she was ok but she was nervous because she did not know what to expect. I told her about my panic attack and she said she was having one but didn't want to freak out in a room full of strangers. I told her it gets easier. Ugh, if she is freaking out they may stick me next to Cip again. Josh was not there today, I hope he moves me back when I see him again.