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Monday, March 4, 2013

Dive Five


Feeling really good today. Decided (actually, really I just forgot) to not take the anxiety meds today before the dive. I am just really trying to cut down on any pills that are just not necessary since I have so many. Most are pain management. I have managed to not really have to take any except at night. That is usually because that is when I break down and really try to nibble on something other than yogurt and protein shakes. I am a little worried about the damage to my liver and kidneys from the antibiotics as my liver and kidneys have been “well exercised”, quote from Dr. King, from my love of beer and wine J
I did most of payroll from home so that I could get it turned in early since I had my first Monday Dive. Today I must have hit every frigging red light on the way there. I should really leave earlier but I feel guilty enough missing so much time during the day and mornings I am so busy.
The lady with the mysterious accent was back today. She sat next to me. She is from Portugal. Mystery solved!
Remembered to put my glasses on after I put the ring around my neck…I really need to get some pictures tomorrow so you guys know what the heck I am talking about.
Since I already knew this movie sucked…Hancock…I read more of World War Z. The scary part about this book is not the zombies, it’s how each government concealed it and how people made money off of it and how I could see this really happen! Maybe not a zombie plague but a plague none the less. Really makes me want to work on my bug-out-bag.
Anyway…no problems at all today. Ears cleared good. Ate half my snack (goldfish dissolve easily). Apple juice again.
Josh was the name of the kid in the tank this time. Shane took the second half. He’s the head honcho over there. The second movie we began to watch was DeJaVu which I think I saw already. I glanced at it now and then. Got out of there quickly.
The next 24 hours are going to be crazy. Going to see Dropkick Murphy’s at the Tabernacle tonight. Sober L but it should still be fun. At least being sober means I will take a lot of good pictures. Plus going to shows with my husband is usually a pretty great experience. We just find our groove together doing things like this. Tomorrow I am taking the day off because it just makes sense. I have treatment tomorrow, then I have to go see Dr. Roser at Emory at 4. Kind of screws up the whole day so I am going to try to make the most of it. Dragging mom with me so that we can kill time at the Carlos Museum beforehand. I just hope I get some news as to how long I have to do these dives for and what comes next, I really hope it’s not just a ‘your heading in the right direction’ check up and there is actually some sort of game plan revealed. I hate being in limbo.