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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Halfway Point

The weekend was a full one.
Managed to get out of the house, see some friends play roller derby, eat fish tacos, pain free with some friends and got 2 runs and a trip to the Farmers Market in.
Did not take any pain meds all weekend!
Shane got new running shoes, they look pretty cool, he took then off so I could see how thick and light they were. He's a runner too. Dr. King told me everybody's pizza is closing in Decatur so he took his wife there. he was there for the opening when he was in college (Emory) so it was fitting that he closed it down. It's going to be an Irish Pub. Mr. Inappropriate chimed in that he liked Irish Beer. A short discussion was had by Shane, Josh, Dr. King and I about where to get cheap beer, old nickel nights back in the day and how the Hipsters have ruined cheap PBR in Atlanta for the rest of us.
Monday's dive I started to read but got sucked into the movie . Don't know why but my anxiety has been high. Managed to stave it off mostly by watching Water for Elephants. 
Got the whole movie in.
Ate my fig Newton and Apple Juice. I guess they know me by now because Josh didn't even ask he just handed it to me. He's cool. He told me the movie was sad but actually it had a happy ending so I am glad I watched it anyway.
After dressing and fixing my hair and makeup, I left the office but managed to catch up to Mr. Inappropriate on my exiting of the building itself. he was alone in the wheel chair while his Nurse was pulling the car up. he caught sight of me an immediately wheeled himself over my way. I tried to speed past but his arm caught me. I tried to be polite and smile and just shake his hand but he grabbed me and pulled me into a bear hug that ended with a grabbing of my ass. I managed to get free and just took off without looking bad. I feel bad for the guy but geez.
Today I had to go in early so I could meet with Dr. King for my 2 week evaluation. When I got there it was only me and the receptionist. She validating my parking and went and found me some scrubs to change into. She said they were short staffed today and that after I changed she would tell the Doc I was there. When I got out of the dressing room, Cip was there ( Cip= creepy Inappropriate)
As soon as I sat down he wheeled over to me. He told me I was a beautiful as ever. I tried to divert and smile and looked helplessly around for someone. Shane came in and he was trying to get things together. I just focused on him, meanwhile Cip started telling me over and over that I was "sexy as Hell". At this point I got up to go see the receptionist and Shane met me in the hallway and moved me to another room. He apologized and said they were short staffed and he was trying to get to me as soon as he could. he called Hector and told him to go babysit Cip because he was being inappropriate this morning.
Vitals were all good. Shane was shaking. his blood sugar was all messed up. he could barely write down my info. My vision has definitely changed. Side effect of diving. pain has gotten better. I have healed 50% in area and 17% in Volume but the Dr. thinks its more than that because he could not measure as deep last time due to my pain level. Also I have a big mouth...which is a good thing considering how many surgeries I have had. I am supposed to get neck massages but we shall see if that can be afforded later.
Even better news is I am off Flagyl as of today!
I will be able to have a drink by Friday-woo hoo!
Today was another full house. We watched Argo. I got really sucked into that one. Hector stayed for the whole dive this time. We talked about World War Z until I had to put my helmet on.
No fig newtons today so back to goldfish and AJ.
Not too bad today. I was too involved with the movie to pay anything else much attention. I did get dressed in a hurry and got ready in the car. I was out of the dressing room before Cip was even out of the chamber.