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Friday, March 15, 2013

ahhhh Freak Out... Le shiek

I got into the dressing room a bit early. Got dressed. Today they gave us all beads for St. Patty's day to give us a little luck of the Irish.
Cip had his shirt off to show me how manly he was with his beads on. He asked me if I was Irish and was excited because he is Irish too. 
We have a new older man joining us, he has not visible ailments. M2 (the other Mary) was back again today. She cowered in the corner until Becky, the main Nurse, came and coaxed her to sit down next to Wanda. I just knew I was going to get moved away from Ms. Portugal. To my excitement, when I stepped inside  my Helmet was in my old seat. I actually said out loud, YAY! And MP and I agreed as long as we sit together all is fine. She is less itchy today. Her new allergy meds are working. She told me her cancer had spread to her bones but it is a slow cancer and she will always have it but she could still live another 20 years. I asked her about the pain and she said she is always in pain from the rod in her back. I am really growing fond of this woman and I am saddened by this.
So the Movie of the day is Fools Gold...lame...I am glad I am in my spot to read. M2 hovers at the door until the very last minute when Shane finally get her to come sit down. She complained about not sitting where I was sitting but was told I was a reader, she said she was too. I can see the writing on the wall :(
I am probably 2 dives away from finishing World War Z.
We are slow to dive down today. One because of the newbies and Two because the newbie had ear pain.
Halfway through the dive, just before break time Shane checked on M2 and she asked to stand up. He said when we take our masks off for the 15 minute break, for snacks and drinks, she could.
As soon as she got that helmet off she freaked.
She was pacing in the corner (next to me) teary eyed and scared to death. I could not hear everything, but I could hear that she wanted to move. She wanted my spot.
They put her in the corner with Cip.
I tried to ignore her the rest of the dive and read.
As soon as it was over I was out of there. Headed to the dressing room to beat M2, hoping MP would take the second one behind me, but she being the awesome lady she is, took her stuff to the bathroom to be considerate of M2. M2 came in and I could hear her sobbing. Becky was trying to comfort her. She asked if they had any single chambers, which they don't. She said she did not want to come back, she said something about if she had a gun and Becky stopped her and said she would talk to Shane. I told her Crawford long had a great single chamber set up.
hey, I understand, I freaked out myself, but geez, get it together and don't scare the shit out of everyone else.
If she is back on Monday I am sure I will be stuck with Cip. I just hope I get set next to MP.