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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

The Dive Inn

the weekend was busy and productive. I "over" celebrated St. Patricks Day...let's just say I don't have a tolerance anymore so a few beers = wasted
that was friday, Saturday was re-coop and over eat
Sunday was yard work, clean the house, do laundry and the Amazing Race with Brody at the school. We were Zombie Leprechauns and we won the costume contest.
I also won "chamber champ" at HYOX. 
It is a weekly trivia contest they do at the oxygen chamber.
Both contests I won movie tickets.
Brody, Shane, Ariana and I will go see Iron Man 3
and Shane and I will got see Evil Dead
win for the whole family
Mondays movie was a chick flick, One for the Money
Tuesdays move was a chick flick, The Descendants
Wednesdays movie was a chick flick, All About Steve
And for Thursday we started another chick flick, You, me and Dupree

I am not a fan of Chick Flicks
They all sucked
I finished World War Z
I will be beginning On The Road by Jack Kerouac tomorrow

M2 is now highly medicated, in the corner behind Cip with head phones on.
MP finally got some sleep and her itch is gone.
Wanda got some promising news about her toes, she may not lose them!
Dave is on his last week, he was not there yesterday because he had some plumbing installed (IV port)
His insurance runs out Friday. He is a sweet old man.
I have been managing to finish my snacks without pain.
Actually have have been eating virtually pain free this week. I did have an apple that was a little tough to bite into but I did get to finish eating it (sliced up of course)
Cip was singing and dancing today
he has spent some time telling me how beautiful I am
I had to duck and dodge him on the way out today