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Monday, April 1, 2013

catching up

The second half of last week was eventful.
Maria came out of surgery ok. Seven large needles in her mouth though. poor thing!
Dave had his last dive with us. he has been in rehab and is now home and going to the Marietta HYOX because it is closer for him.
We got a new guy. No name yet, he laughs loudly.
Big older black dude with a grey beard.
we watched zero dark thirty (good)
this is 40 (really funny) but I did not get to see the end of it because it offended all the old people
Then we watched, hell I can't remember. hmmm
I do remember that on Friday it got very quiet on our way back up (decompression) and CIP decided to yell across the chamber
" I want to sleep with you"
Josh told him to knock it off but then he said he was just trying to tell me he loved me.
I also got caught by him again trying to leave the office. This time he grabbed me but I got behind him so he could only head lock me and not grab my ass.
I had a bit of anxiety too this week and over the weekend a little pain. maybe I was just too active.
Either way it felt good to get out and run and do some shooting.