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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

All Done...mostly

Had my last dive on Friday.
Was pretty un-epic.
I did give Phillip a hug on my way out and he slipped me a kiss on the cheek.
He told me he will always love me.
Wanda is a little frustrated since we began this adventure at the same time but she has a little while longer to go.
I got a certificate and a t-shirt.
I will go back in May for a follow up with Dr. King, just to be sure I am healing up properly.

I took the day off to start my celebrating early
Began with a Venti Chai Latte, 
followed by a trip to the Growers Outlet to grab some flowers 
then on over to the High School to decorate Ariana's locker for Senior week.
Picked up Ariana for the Vampire 5k at Six Flags.
It was a good day.