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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

The end is near

let's hit the highlights
 Gwinnett County Fire Dept. had quite a scare. Some jerk-off faked a heart attack in order to call them to his foreclosed house and hold them hostage at gun point. Luckily SWAT came in and blew the side of the house off and got everyone, except the gunman, out safely. Just about all the attendants (Matt, Josh, Hot Guy...etc) are firemen for Gwinnett. Matt was on duty at the time and gave me the skinny on what really happened. I am just glad it was none of them.
I have grown quite fond of my little diving family...well most of them.
Maria is not feeling well. She is having lots of sleeping issues (either lack of or too tired) and pain. She has not been herself. M2 left the dive early on Friday. Her blood pressure was sky high.
Wanda seems to be doing a lot better.
We have another new guy. Poor thing didn't tie his scrubs tight enough and his pants fell down and gave Maria an eye full. What a way to start the dive process.
I started reading a book on Southern Plantations a co-worker gave me. It seems I am to attend a Party at a Plantation that has ties to his family so i read about it in an old book he had.
Movies were Casino Royale (which I have seen numerous times)
Red Dawn (eye candy made it bearable)
Life of Pi (which I absolutely loved)
They have been slacking on the snacks so I have had to eat cheezits and fruit snacks (not the good dried ones I like)
Pain is back. I am thinking it is because I am eating more normally and it is just sore but it still worries me some.
Phillip is feeling good again. he is all about annoying the shit out of me with his kissing noises and making sure he waits until it is dead silent to announce his affections toward me in the dive chamber.
Every single male attendant thinks this is funny 
I am really over it. I can only take so much unwanted attention. If I say something I am an ass so I smile and suffer in silence. I told Dr. Roser that I think they wanted me to do those 10 extra dives for purely entertainment value only. He laughed and made his own jabs at my expense about the situation. He did say I looked great, it is almost completely healed and to just go ahead and suck it up for the full 40.
Again Mom did not come and again every Dr., Nurse and office person at Emory asked about her. Guess I need to make her come next time.
I did find out what Dr. Funny's name was. 
Dr. Talent.
Today I skip my dive and go become a human pin cushion...wish me luck