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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

The Home Stretch

Well Tuesday they managed to get blood without too much fuss. I learned to drink TONS of water beforehand in order for them to be able to draw from me.
I had to skip Wednesday also due to a funeral I had to attend.
Thursday Philip made sure to tell me how much he missed me. Lord knows I did not miss him.
Today was Maria's last day for a while. She said she is going to come back and see us next Friday. There is something terribly wrong with her. Of course the Dr's can't tell us what that is. I am hoping that I do get to see her again. We all miss her so.
Watched Sherlock Holmes (seen it) Miami Vice (um can Colin Ferrell look anymore like a greasy 70's porn star?) Evan Almighty (not a Steve Carell fan) and Failure to Launch (seen it)
Got really good news late Thursday.
No more antibiotics!
I am pill free...wheeeeeeeeeee!
Friday I came to realize my patience with Phillip is wearing thin. I just wanted to get out of there and go home. My son was having his first overnight friend and I wanted to plan a fun filled evening for them.
First stop Pizza, then skyzone, the the store for ice cream and snacks, then camping out in the living room in sleeping bags and movies. They had a blast (and so did I )
Saturday picked up my vampire 5k race packet and headed over to a friend's 40th birthday party in Dunwoody with my bestie.
Spent most of Sunday re-cooperating from such a busy Friday and Saturday until I had to do some work.
Monday I was not feeling well. Got hot and had to sit next to Phillip (CIP) again because we added yet another member to the dive. He lost his pants standing up in the chamber in front of Wanda. I missed it but she said he had no underwear on. She said she WISHED she would have missed it.
At least she didn't have to listen to someone practically molest me verbally for 2 hours.
The 2 new guys have ear problems and have to breath in this Heliox treatments while we are going down in the dive. The newest guy can't speak English so it is hard to tell if he is in pain or not.
Lost a chunk of bone on Monday also.
The idiot they had in with us this past Tuesday had to be a stoner.
If you can't work a TV remote you should not be able to operate a chamber that can potentially blow up a city block. But that is just how my day was. Started with the kids yelling at each other at 5am and continued as soon as I got to work and every email and invoice I touched had an issue. I was surrounded by smart-ass techs and co-workers and I was not having a good morning. This Idiot in the chamber was the freaking icing on the cake. Then afterwards I was told I had to see the Dr. 
I gained weight :(
I have healed another 46% since 2 weeks ago and my vision had not changed (thank GOD)
But since I was not healed completely over he said I needed another 23 dives! I about had a heart attack!
I said 3 sounds more like it. He asked about my blood work and thankfully it was excellent so I am being released on Friday.
So long as I do not go backwards in healing I will be done!
I can't wait to get back to running at lunch and not working Sundays and shooting more pictures and having lunch, not at my desk!
Today Phillip (CIP) was on a roll. I am super thankful I got to sit on the opposite side today. He grabbed poor Kathy's boobs, butt and crotch several times. She was getting pissed but was trying to hold it together. Mr. Bosnia thought it was a riot.
But in spite of that, it was good to see him laugh. He had prostrate cancer and the radiation had made it unbearable to urinate. I know TMI, but that's how we roll.
I am assuming he is the culprit who is peeing all over the toilet and freaking M2 out. 
My ears started to bother me today.
I think because 3 people had issues going down and they kept stopping so it took forever that it was too much for me.
All I can say is 2 MORE DAYS!