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Monday, April 8, 2013

long week

I have had a week of ups and downs. Monday and Tuesday were pretty quiet. Phillip was not there.
Maria gave all of us girls some sweet almond oil for our skin. It works wonders since the oxygen dries our skin out. I lost another chunk of bone. Phillip came back on Wednesday. he had to have all of his teeth pulled out. His face was swollen and now you really can't understand him. I felt bad for him. He was very quiet.I missed Thursday so I could go out and get my color run packets for my team for the weekend. I managed to get a couple of runs in the week and a new pair of running shoes from REI. I am going back to minimalist running. Friday Phillip was still not feeling well. I asked how he was doing and he said like shit.
 The weeks movies were 3:10 to Yuma, what to expect while your expecting, Little Fockers and Parental Guidance.
The weekend was a busy one. Shane, Brody and I went to Fusion for dinner. I had sushi (which is never a good idea for me right now). Went to be early in order to get up at dark thirty to go the the Atlanta Motor Speedway for the Color Run. We sat in traffic for 3 hours. We walked up to the starting line 5 minutes before our start time. I did run the whole thing but it was not a full 5k. It was 2.98. regardless it was a blast. and it was more fun to hang out with my favorite girls. It was Kathy's first 5k and the first one I got to run with my best friend and her whole family. Ariana smoked us all but that was a given.
I had color in places I have no idea how it got there. I was supposed to do Ariana's senior portraits after but we did not get home and cleaned up until 4 and she wanted to hit some of the free concerts with her friends going on downtown during the final four festivities. I met up with some friends and had dinner on the patio at Gary's Bistro and enjoyed the nice weather and a couple of cocktails. Came home a a reasonable time and went to bed early. I was beat. I slept in Sunday. was not feeling great. Once I snapped out of it a bit I got ready and Ariana and I head to L5P and EAV for graduation and senior breakfast dresses and to shoot her senior portraits. She had to have a dress no one else would have and we found a perfect one of a kind Rene Rene original, fitted by Rene herself that fit her perfectly. We managed to find another dress at Rag-O-Rama for the breakfast (and I found one too for the Wrap Party for the cast & crew of Tales from Morning View Cemetery). After shooting in and around L5P, we shot some in EAV and headed to cabbagetown to finish up. I had to take her to somewhere I have not taken any other senior portraits. She has to be different (wonder where she gets that from). We then headed to the Vortex so Ariana could have her first good burger. She is an instant fan.
Monday I came into work extra early since I did not get to do much of payroll at home. Wanda is getting her pick line out today so she missed the dive. Maria was not feeling well. Phillip was back to normal. I asked him how he was feeling and he said ok and I told him he looked better and then he said I was sexy as hell, so I knew he was ok and I sat down out of his eye sight. M2 had the group picture of us blown up and framed and she gave it to Phillip with the caption, "Phillips dive team". which was very sweet of her.
 Maria was not herself. She actually was in tears by the break and she left the chamber early. I am worried about her. I had to stay after and get a check up. I have lost more weight, my vision is barely passable for driving now. it's really bad and I hate it. The doctor says I am at 50% healed. I am doing good but not good enough to stop yet. I have 2 appointments next week. One with Emory and one with my regular doc to get some blood work done. Please God I hope I am done by the end of next week.