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Monday, December 20, 2010

My Baby Girl's Sweet 16

Some where along the lines I did something right!
My daughter is a thoughtful sweet young lady who wanted to spend her special birthday with just a few close friends and family. Her favorite place is Dominick's Little Italy on the square in Lawrenceville.
We had a great time sampling all the dishes to pick out for the menu. It was hard to narrow to just 4 choices but we picked Dominick's Ravioli (Ariana's favorite), Spicy chicken and sausage casserole, Lasagna and Chicken Saltimbocca (my favorite).
She managed to get her several family members here for the occasion. Flights from NYC and Colorado were made. Trips up from Savannah and Hilton Head and trips down from Williamsburg, VA were also driven. Friends came together (some even in ties!) It was a feat to pull off but who can turn down a teenager who would rather have a nice dinner with her family and close friends than have a cheesy MTV party!
I cannot be prouder to be her mother.
She is sweet. She is smart. She is hard working. She is loving. She is a great Big sister to both of her siblings. She is a great babysitter. She can bake and cook. She can ski and run.
She is absolutely beautiful.
She is what keeps me whole. She is my savior.
She is my daughter and I love her.