MFer Photography

Thursday, June 17, 2010

St. George Island Trip

she says this is my good side
St. George Island State Park
St.George Island Lighthouse

Wild cat hanging at the park
The Shark that scared us silly
My husband bat him to the shore
At first we thought it was a bottle, then we realized it was a Man O War
My sea monster I built it the sand
We caught 8 starfish (My daughter caught all but 2)
I dug him up out of the sand when I was building my sea monster

Tina and I really loved these chairs
He was dug up from the ocean and I made him pose for me
Garett found a sea snail
Lighthouse in Infrared

My family and I took a week long trip with some friends and their families to S.G.I. Florida. It is on the Gulf Coast. We almost cancelled (actually we did and then rebooked the same house 2 days later) due to the oil spill. Lucky for us we were oil free. We observed lots of wildlife and enjoyed the remote beauty of the island.